Enrolment Procedures In Parramatta Catholic Systemic Schools

This document, Enrolment Procedures in Parramatta Catholic Systemic Schools has been developed as a support to the Parramatta Diocesan Schools Board Policy Statement, Systemic Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta: principles underpinning provision, access & enrolment.



The purpose of this document is to provide practical guidance to principals, pastors and parents in addressing enrolment applications to systemic Catholic schools. Processes outlined in this document are mandatory and form the basis for enrolment procedures at the local level. The implementation of enrolment procedures requires appropriate consultation between parish priest(s) associated with the school and the principal.

Enrolment Procedures


A new Enrolment Policy for Parramatta Diocesan Catholic schools has been introduced which offers Catholic families greater choice by allowing them to apply for enrolment at a Catholic school anywhere in the Diocese.


Where places are limited, priority will be given in order to:
• Catholic children who live in the local parish
• Catholic children from other parishes
• Children of families who actively participate in the life of the school and local parish community (e.g. siblings)
• Orthodox children
• Children from other Christian faiths
• Children of non-Christian faith

Catholic schools have a strong religious dimension and people of other faiths who wish to enrol in Catholic schools should be willing to participate in the religious activities of the school.

Siblings of children already enrolled in the school are considered by the same criteria above. However, within each of these categories, a sibling of a child already enrolled will have preference over an applicant who does not have a sibling enrolled in the school.

What if my child already attends a Catholic primary school in the Diocese?
A child who has completed primary education in a Catholic parish-based primary school will usually be offered continuity of enrolment in a Catholic secondary school. If no places exist at the chosen school, Catholic Education's Director System Performance will assist families to enrol in another Catholic secondary school in the Diocese.

As taken from the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Enrolment  policy, procedures and guidelines